Jane Lambert
7 Jan Revised 19 June 2017

I am a barrister specializing in intellectual property, technology, entertainment and media and competition law. I advise on difficult points of law, draft complex legal instruments, and present cases to judges and other tribunals. I also sit as an arbitrator, facilitate negotiations as a mediator and determine generic and European domain name disputes as a WIPO panellist.

I advise on non-contentious as well as contentious matters and I draft documents for use in business as well as litigation.

Non-contentious matters upon which I am asked to advise include:
  • IP strategy (issues such as determining the optimum legal protection in particular countries for a business’s intellectual assets):
  • Patentability of inventions and the registrability of trade marks and designs;
  • Construction of patent claims and the strength and value of patents;
  • The enforceability of contract terms having regard to competition law in licence, joint venture, distribution and other agreements;
  • Exhaustion of rights; and
  • Data protection and privacy particularly in relation to the General Data Protection Regulation.
Documents that I draft for use in business or review include computer supply (consultancy, data processing, end-user licence, escrow, software development and turnkey), distribution, franchise, film and television, joint ventures with universities and the NHS,manufacturing, sponsorship, sports management, telecommunications and other agreements, standard terms of purchase and supply, privacy policies and website access terms.

Contentious matters upon which I am consulted include the validity and infringement of patents, trade marks and registered designs, whether a copyright or design right has been infringed, a confidence breached or whether there has been an act of passing off, the remedies for such infringement and the appropriate tribunal and cause of action, I am also instructed in computer supply, franchising, film telecommunications and other disputes.

I appear in the Patents Court, Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (including the Small Claims Track) and the Chancery Division in IP and competition cases, the Technology and Construction Court for computer supply and other technology cases, IPO hearing officers and other tribunals.

For further information, call me on +44 (0)20 7404 5252 during office hours or send me a message through my contact form.

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