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Damages for Infringement of Database Rights: Intercity Telecom Ltd v Solanki

The first claimant. Intercity Telecom Limited ("Intercity"), is one of the largest independent communications service providers in UK. The second, Modern Operations Limited ("Modern"). employs sales executives who work within Intercity's sales division. Between 2000 and 2014 Modern employed the defendant, Sanjay Solanki ("Mr Solanki"). He joined the company as a sales executive and  rose eventually to the post of National Account Manager where he had a portfolio of clients who brought Intercity some £3 million of business every year.

In the last few weeks of his employment Mr Solanki downloaded from his employer's computers a large number of records of its customers, including their telecommunications requirements and expenditure on telecommunications systems and services, on to memory sticks which he took away. He used that information to approach several of Intercity's customers and tried to win their business for its competitors. He approa…